Survey on Dynamics Simulation

On September 2013, we created a survey about the use of dynamic simulation tools in robotics. The survey was motivated by the growing number of tools for dynamics simulation, and our need to figure out which is the best tool for our researches:
which is the best tool for simulating dynamics and contacts?
The survey was advertised on the main robotics mailing lists (robotics-worldwide, euron-dist, ..). We collected 119 answers in one month.

You can see here the online survey about dynamics simulation tools (link)

You can read the results of the survey together with a review of the main simulators for robot dynamics in this paper:

Ivaldi, S.; Peters, J.; Padois, V.; Nori, F. (2014). Tools for simulating humanoid robot dynamics: a survey based on user feedbackProceedings of the International Conference on Humanoid Robots (HUMANOIDS).  (pdf


Serena Ivaldi, Vincent Padois, Francesco Nori. Tools for dynamics simulation of robots: a survey based on user feedback. arXiv:1402.7050 [cs.RO]

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