The following is a list of CoDyCo deliverables. The latex template is available here.

M03 - D6.1 (IIT)

Website and repository on-line: available here.

M06 - D7.2 (IIT)

Standard database with support materials: available here.

M12 - D7.1 (IIT)

Dissemination and exploitation plan: available here.

M12 - D2.1 (JSI)

Review of human postural control and whole body motion in contact: available here.

M12 - D1.1 (UPMC)

Enhanced iCub simulator for whole-body contact simulation: available here.

M12 - D5.1 (IIT)

Validation scenario 1: balancing on multiple rigid contacts. Available here.

M24 - D1.2 (UB)

Software for controlling of balancing and reaching with multiple contacts. Available here.

M24 - D3.1 (UPMC)

Local solver in rigid-world cases. Available here.

M24 - D4.2 (TUD)

Learning of tasks with multiple contacts by imitation and reinforcement learning. Available here.

M24 - D5.2 (IIT)

Validation scenario 2: balancing on feet while performing goal directed actions. Available here.

M36 - D1.3 (UB)

Software for dealing with compliant contacts. Available here.

M36 - D2.2 (JSI)

Models of human whole body motions in contact with rigid and compliant support surfaces. Available here.

M36 - D3.2 (UPMC)

Local solver in compliant-world cases. Available here.

M36 - D4.1 (TUD)

 Learning approaches for operational space control with contacts. Available here.

M36 - D5.3 (IIT)

Validation scenario 3: balancing on compliant environmental contacts. Available here.

M48 - D2.3 (JSI)

Models of systematic application of physical interaction with the environment and humans. Available here

M48 - D3.3 (UPMC)

Local solver in compliant and unforeseen cases. Available here

M48 - D4.3 (TUD)

Learning of the prioritization policies. Available here

M48 - D5.4 (IIT)

Validation scenario 4: learning how to stand up with the help of a human caregiver. Available here


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